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Please don't drink and then drive home - There are many taxi firms nearby



These are some of the pubs in Braintree, or within a short drive.

Sadly I have not visited them all. (over 100 pubs !!)

Albert, The 2, Chipping Hill, Witham 01376-511771
Alexander Inn, The 16, Colne Rd, Coggeshall 01376-361309
Angel Hotel, The St Marys Square, Kelvedon 01376-570445
Angel Inn, The 33, Notley Rd, Braintree 01376-320122
Angel Inn, The 36, Bradford St, Bocking 01376-321549
Bell Inn, The 37, Kynaston Road, Panfield, Braintree 01376-324641
Bell Inn, The 10, St James, Castle Hedingham 01787-460350
Bell Inn, The The Street, Feering 01376-570375
Bird In Hand 272, Coggeshall Rd, Braintree 01376-321126
Bird In Hand Coggeshall Rd, Earls Colne 01787-222557
Boars Head 85, High St, Braintree 01376-320119
Bottle Hall Delvin End, Sible Hedingham 01787-462405
Bull The Market Place, Braintree 01376-320551
Castle Inn, The 77, High St, Earls Colne 01787-222694
Chapel Inn, The Market Hill, Coggeshall 01376-561655
Chequers, The The Street, Great Tey 01206-210814
Cherry Tree, The Cressing Rd, Braintree 01376-513000
Coachman Inn, The 34, Upper Holt St, Earls Colne 01787-222330
Cock Inn, The Beazley End, Braintree 01371-850556
Cock Inn, the The Street, Rayne 01376-320474
Cock Inn, The Sudbury Rd, Little Maplestead 01787-472243
Compasses Inn, The Compasses Road, Pattiswick, Braintree 01376-561322
Cricketers, The 7, West St, Coggeshall 01376-561533
Cross Keys 1, The Street, White Notley 01376-583297
Crotchet, The 130, Newland St, Witham 01376-511051
Crown, The Guithavon St, Witham 01376-512242
Dolphin, The A120 through Stisted, Braintree 01376-552080
Drum Inn, The 21, High St, Earls Colne 01787-222368
Eagle, The 192, Coggeshall Road, Braintree 01376-322828
Eight Bells, The Colchester Rd, Earls Colne 01787-227354
Essex, The Trinity St, Halstead 01787-472440
Five Bells, The Mill Lane, Colne Engaine 01787-224166
Fleece Inn, The 27, West St, Coggeshall 01376-561412
Four Seasons, The East St, Braintree 01376-320008
Fox Inn, The London Rd, Rivenhall 01376-513147
George and Dragon, The Coggeshall Rd, Kelvedon 01376-561732
George Inn, The Shalford, Braintree 01371-850207
George, The 36, Newland St, Witham 01376-511098
Globe Inn, The Parsonage St, Halstead 01787-478200
Golden Lion, The 69-71, Manor St, Braintree 01376-324473
Green Dragon Upper London Rd, Youngs End, Braintree 01245-361030
Green Man, The The Street, Gosfield, Halstead 01787-472746
Griffin, The Parsonage St, Halstead 01787-476569
Hare and Hounds, The 104, High Garrett, Braintree 01376-324430
Horse and Groom, The 20, Rayne Road, Braintree 01376-343513
Jack and Jenny 113, Hatfield Rd, Witham 01376-512159
King William IV 114, London Rd, Braintree 01376-330088
King William, The Church St, Bocking, Braintree 01376-324737
Kings Arms Broad Green, Coggeshall 01376-561581
Kings Head 52, Bradford St, Braintree 01376-320120
Kings head 242, Coggeshall Road 01376-550381
Kings Head The Street, Gosfield, Halstead 01787-474016
Kings Head Inn The Street, Pebmarsh, Halstead 01787-269306
Lion Public House & Restaurant 11, High St, Earls Colne 01787-224120
Little Elms, The Dorothy Sayers Drive, Witham 01376-510483
Locomotive, The 3, Butler Rd, Halstead 01787-472425
Memories 1, Crouch Green, Castle Hedingham 01787-461133
Morning Star, The Bridge St, Witham 01376-512129
Old Anchor, The 132, Feering Hill, Feering 01376-570469
Onley Arms, The The Street, Stisted. Braintree 01376-325204
Orange Tree, The Cressing Rd, Braintree 01376-344013
O'Reillys 59, High St, Braintree 01376-552655
Plough, The The Green, White Notley, Braintree 01376-321080
Portobello, The Coggeshall
Prince of Wales, The Kelvedon Rd, Inworth 01376-570813
Pullman, The Jeffries Rd, Cressing, Braintree 01376-329997
Queens Head 140, Rayne Rd, Braintree 01376-323310
Railway Tavern 182, High St, Kelvedon 01376-570293
Red Lion New St, Halstead 01787-477093
Red Lion Newland St, Witham 01376-512199
Reindeer, The 111 The Street, Black Notley, Braintree 01376-320238
Retreat, The 42, Church St, Bocking 01376-347947
Rifleman, The 1, Rifle Hill, Braintree 01376-323382
Rising Sun, The 71, Nunnery St, Castle Hedingham 01787-460355
Rose and Crown, The Masefield Rd, Braintree 01376-324830
Rose and Crown, The 94, Church St, Bocking, Braintree 01376-324661
Royal Oak, The 58, High St, Halstead 01787-477705
Saling Oak, The Blake End, Rayne, Braintree 01376-322623
Spread Eagle, The 111, Coldnailhurst Rd, Braintree 01376-343890
Sun Inn, The Feering Hill, Feering 01376-570442
Swan Inn 39, Swan St, Sible Hedingham 01787-461351
Swan Inn, The Coggeshall Rd, Bradwell, Braintree 01376-562111
Swan, The 1, The Street, Rayne, Braintree 01376-322662
Swiss Bell, The Mountbatten Rd, Braintree 01376-322078
Thatchers Arms, The Mount Bures, Earls Colne 01787-227460
Three Ashes Ashes Rd, Cressing, Braintree 01376-583143
Three Pigeons, The Mount Hill, Halstead 01787-472336
Victoria, The Powers Hall End, Witham 01376-511809
Vine Inn, The 105, The Street, Black Notley, Braintree 01376-324269
Waggon and Horses 53, South St, Braintree 01376-553356
Welsh Princess, The 21, The Street, Rayne, Braintree 01376-345822
Western Arms Western Rd, Silver End, Witham 01376-583336
Wetherspoons Fairfield Rd, Braintree 01376-550255
Wheatsheaf, The Queen St, Castle Hedingham 01787-460555
White Hart Inn 15, High St, Halstead 01787-475657
White Hart, The The Street, Great Saling, Braintree 01371-850341
White Hart, The Bank St, Braintree
White Hart, The Coggeshall
White Horse 2, Church St, Chipping Hill, Witham 01376-518155
Willows Freehouse, The The Street, Cressing, Braintree 01376-583399
Woodman, The Colchester Rd, Halstead 01787-476218
Woolpack Inn, The 7, Church St, Witham 01376-511195
Woolpack, The 91, Church St, Coggeshall 01376-561235


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