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daysoff Guide to Essex - The Humour Archive page

daysoff Guide to Essex - The Humour Archive page



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Rude humour



At the Zoo (302 Kb pps) Koala and Lizard (67 Kb pdf)    


Driving and Transport

Road Signs (112 kb jpg) Bugga (3.04 Mb mpeg) Fuel Crisis (88 Kb pps) ABC news car (56 Kb jpg)
The wife's Volvo (279 Kb jpg) Women Drivers 1 (450 Kb pps) His n Hers Cars (219 Kb pps) Carlsberg Boat Trips (1.42 Mb pps)
Madonna Banned Vid (44.7 Mb mpg) Women in Car Park (3.0 Mb wmv)    


For Men

Sweden or Britain (1.45 Mb pps) Beachwear 2006 (626 Kb pps) Bra sizing (400 Kb pps) Cannes Film Festival (1.94 Mb pps)
Chatroom chat (214 Kb pps) Concentration test (323 Kb pps) Ideal woman (1.62 Mb pps) Playboy Calendar 2000 (541 Kb pps)
Women's things 2001 (1.10 Mb pps) Learn your ABC (510Kb wmv) Ketchup way (1.68 Mb wmv) Breast Test (460 Kb xls)
Pweep (677 Kb mpg) The illusion of drink (1.13 Mb avi) Call to BT (513 Kb wav) Sir Peters new car (1.58 Mb wav)
ABC (510 Kb wmv) The Ketchup way (1.68 Mb wmv) Monkey (937 Kb mpg) Miss World contenders (158 Kb pps)
Spot the Millionaire (212 Kb pps) T shirts (229 Kb pps) Calendar (770 Kb jpg) Red Riding Hood (218 Kb pps)
Fart Study (218 Kb pps) Unemployed Wife (143 Kb pps) Men Can Multi-task (799 Kb asf) Kids Art (304 Kb doc)
Shark Attacks Whale (1.77 Mb mpg) That's My Boy (830 Kb pps) Perfect Day (53 Kb doc) Sick Note (128 Kb doc)
B.stard (87 Kb doc) Weakest Link (366 Kb doc) Did Phillip Fart? (94 Kb jpg) Too Much Drink (231 Kb pps)
Playboy Calendar 2006 (1.39 Mb pps) Miss World contenders 2 (327 Kb pps) How to Shower Like a Woman (22 Kb doc) Best Come Back Line Ever (20 Kb doc)
Watch the Snake (443 Kb pps) Krispie Kreme Calendar (292 Kb jpg) Melanoma Warning (436 Kb pps)  


For Women

Spacebar (174 Kb pps) Light on twice (237 Kb pps) QI trailer (1.39 Mb wmv) The pianist (485 Kb mpg)
Orgasm (4 Kb  htm) Scotsmen (261 Kb pps) Men are like... (32 Kb gif) For the Ladies 1 (92 Kb pps)
Tesco Car Wash (110 Kb doc) Be Strong (3 Kb htm) Blurry Vision (27 Kb doc) Is it in Yet? (44 Kb jpg)
For the Ladies 2 (839 Kb pps) This may be a scam (48 Kb jpg) The Lonely Brain Cell (3 Kb htm) In the mirror (1.23 Mb pps)
Women's Scorn (805 Kb pps)      



Flow Chart of Sex (69 Kb pps) Body Painting (667 Kb pps) Funny pics (837 Kb pps) Bra sizing (450 Kb pps)
Cartoons (414 Kb pps) Hot drink machine (261 Kb pps) Sun tan lotion (214 Kb pps) Oasis (134 Kb pps)
Starts bad - gets worse (147 Kb pps) Optical illusion (145 Kb pps) Jurassic fart (1.04 Mb wmv) Pen holder (1.42 Mb wmv)
Random GIFs (1.18 Mb pps) Random funnies (688 Kb pps) Sexy people (527 Kb pps) Signs Rude 1 (407 Kb pps)
They call it what?? (352 Kb pps) Bitter break-ups (422 Kb pps) Xmas cartoons (1.1 Mb pps) Adult cartoons 1 (1.28 Mb pps)
Adult Cartoons 2 (993 Kb pps) Viagra cartoons (249 Kb pps) Answers (417 Kb pps) Froggie in a blender (656 Kb exe)
Ho Ho Ho (689 Kb exe) Road signs (121 Kb jpg) Random funnies 2 (1.14 Mb pps) It's just Wrong 1 (878 Kb pps)
It's just Wrong 2 (760 Kb pps) Worse Job than Yours (556 Kb pps) Rude Nature (448 Kb pps) Xmas Cartoons (1.24 Mb pps)
Don't drink with friends (636 Kb pps) Awful Pics (216 Kb doc) Blackboard drawing (71 Kb pps) Tahiti & Manchester (66 Kb doc)
Adult Cartoons 3 (396 Kb doc) Shopping at Asda (193 Kb doc) Family Album (175 Kb doc) Girls & Boys Diaries (27 Kb pdf)
Why am I Single (813 Kb pps) Interview Gone Wrong (3.15 Mb wmv) Old Lady and Banker (284 Kb pps) People I've Met (3.19 Mb pps)
Stripogram (1.48 Mb wmv) Name Change (3 Kb htm) Child Support Forms (8 Kb htm) Gorilla (2 Kb htm)
Mormon and Aussie (2 Kb htm) Random Funnies 3 (949 Kb pps) Office Humour (518 Kb pps) Toilet Humour (510 Kb pps)
Adult Cartoons 4 (741 Kb pps) Signs Rude 2 (474 Kb pps) Rude Snowmen (159 Kb pps) Adult Cartoons 5 (451 Kb pps)
Senior Moments Rude 1 (385Kb pps) Hyphenated Names 1 (1.17Mb pps) Scary Bodies (2.7Mb pps) Sex Before Marriage is Important (1.5Mb wmv)
Embarrassing Moments (790 Kb pps) How much would you pay? (1.5 Mb pps) That's life (2.3 Mb pps) Spot the odd one out (199 Kb jpg)
Women's  & men's brains (539 Kb pps) Find (813 Kb pps) Random Funnies Rude 4 (1.30 Mb pps) National Stereotypes Rude (775 Kb pps)
Same but different (381 Kb pps) Weirdos 1 (1.33 Mb pps) Past their sell by date (367 kb pps) Family photo - ruined (122 Kb jpg)
Starwars - Pole Dancer (2.96 Mb mpg) Gents Loo Sketch (4.19 Mb mpg) Lingeree ad - Angelina Jolie (11.15 Mb mpg) Miss Venezuela loses Costume (1.84 Mb mpeg)
Signs Rude 3 - Place names (2.50 Mb pps) Hillary Clinton's Slogan (217 Kb jpg) The Bed (308 Kb pps) Three Hillbillies (44 Kb html)
Adult Cartoon 7 (450 Kb pps) Modern Exam Papers (9 Kb pdf) Grandfathers Advice (20 Kb doc) Jokes Rude 1 (19 Kb doc)
Life can be Hard (328 Kb pps) Marbles (2.95 Mb avi) Random Funnies Rude 5 (1.44 Mb pps) Saying Goodbye (964 Kb wmv)
Questions Answered (567 Kb pps) Signs Rude 4 (390 Kb pps) Simple Maths (81 Kb pps) So Creative (3.43 Mb wmv)
Sore throat (302 Kb jpg) Tom Mabe (3.12 Mb wmv) Various Pics Rude 1 (567 Kb pps) Who Takes These? (2.86 Mb pps)


Language and Travel

Foreign Signs (1.16 Mb pps) Miss Thailand 2005 (249 Kb pps) New Loos (879 Kb pps) Two Restaurants (1.31 Mb pps)
Welcome to Romania (3.21 Mb pps)      


Parodies and Ads

Specsavers (1.02 Mb wmv) Chocolate flavour (3.10 Mb mpg) Car ads (628 Kb pps) Various Ads rude (695 Kb pps)
Lube ad (30 Kb asp) Priceless 1 (1.88 Mb asf) Sony remote control (105 Kb jpg) Autobiographies (291 Kb pps)
Spitfire Beer Ads (1.72 Mb pps) Seat Panda (1.04 Mb wmv) Axe Shower Gel - Aerobics (3.75 Mb mpeg) Canadian Breast Exam (4.60 Mb mpg)
Girl Farts in Car (3.55 Mb mpg) Ikea - Dildo (1.67 Mb mpeg) Free FM - Singing Penis (1.57 Mb mpg) Microsoft Office XP (3.77 Mb mpeg)
John Smiths - Peter Kaye (5.45 Mb mpg) Photography Exhibition (1.20 Mb mpg) Mag ad - Anti Blushing Pills (6.77 Mb mpg) Panties ad - Girls in Lift (4.38 Mb mpeg)
Condom ad (7.84 Mb mpeg) Airport Metal Detector (3.43 Mb mpg) Umbro ad - Football (4.06 Mb mpeg)



Advent Calendar 2007 (2.70 Mb pps) Xmas Cartoons 2007 (546 Kb pps)    



Sporting Tips (437 Kbs pps) Exercise scares me (519 Kb pps) 15 reasons to play golf (526 Kb pps)  World squads 2007 (27 Kb doc)
Cycling shorts (945 Kb doc) Can you do this? (4.42 Mb wmv) Workout Bra (3.97 Mb wmv)  


Blondes desktop (133 Kb jpg) Hot Drinks (261 Kb pps) Three men in a Sauna (20 Kb doc) Ebay Virgin (22 Kb html)
Flowchart of Sex (70 Kb pps) Ten Worst URLs (24 Kb doc) Original Computer (73 Kb doc)  


Weird and Sick

Spiderman? (54 Kb jpg) Never Run Away From The Police (551 Kb pps) Car Accident (508 Kb pps)  

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